Join us this October 24-26 for our Ahead of the Nation conference at Southside Victory Church.

The schedule is as follows:

Oct 24, 7 pm – Samuel Robinson

Oct 25, 10am –  PANNEL – God’s Heart for the Creative

Oct 25, 2 pm – Richie Seltzer

Oct 25, 7 pm – Chris Mathis

Oct 26, 10am – PANNEL – Heavens Keys to Forerunning

Oct 26, 12pm – Friends and Partners Lunch – Please Register

Oct 26, 2 pm – Faytene Grasseschi

Oct 26, 7 pm – Richi Seltzer

We have people flying in from all across Canada for this event! If you be willing to host fellow conference attendees please fill in the following form.

If you are looking for a place to stay please contact Cheryl Guyong at: