Charlie_Robinson_150xCharlie Robinson is president of Golden Lions Productions. He is a Canadian Revivalist who releases the glory of God wherever he goes. His ministry is marked by unusual signs and wonders, and he sees God move in power all over the world.

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Shirley_Robinson_150xShirley Robinson is president of Women of Revival Ministries, and the founder of Restoring Hope to Cities. She desires to see godly women of all ages raised up to their full destiny. Her heart for the poor and marginalized has her partner with other ministries to confront various social issues.

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Charlie_&_Shirley_Robinson_150xCharlie and Shirley Robinson have ministered in Canada for over 25 years. During that time they have witnessed the fulfillment of hundreds of prophetic words. They continue to minister throughout Canada, seeing God move mightily and believing for a great harvest of souls.